Tour life: what's it really like?

Updated: May 6, 2019

I have been on tour with some cool artists in my time. Not as lead, but as background singer and dancer. Tons of fun and lots of work and discipline. I remember performing at the Lincoln Center New York and the night before, we decided to hit the streets until 5am. The late night is the time to enjoy New York. We shook the spot and went to the Bronx and had a ball. So many stories. I got locked out of the hotel room in only a towel for about an hour. That was crazy. Anyway. It also sucks because your personal routine is non existent. You are always on the move. Never "resting." Power naps are more of the norm. Body aching and winding down nearing the end of a tour. On stage it is amazing. It's also great that you can't see anyone's face. It gives you the opportunity to think you're in the shower singing so you just let go. The moment is all that matters. All in. I remember when I was a break dancer. We went all over the place competing. That was the best because I didn't have to sing. I could do everything as a break dancer so my mind goes numb and the muzic takes me there. The uprock then front flip to a skittle to a shoulder roll to nutcrackers then pop up to a head spin and fall to a freeze pose. Shooooood!!!!! Ya'll don't know nuthin bout that!!!!!!!!!! The Hobo Crew forever!!!!

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