Magic can come from the simplest of setups.

Updated: May 6, 2019

To the person who is in no way musical or able to sing, the creation of what ends up on the radio can seem impossible to do. To we, the creatives, it's a wonderlandic journey full of surprises and breakthroughs. It's what makes the air we breathe, sweeter. This area. The DAW is where we find our peace, make love, argue, make up and produce wonders. The emotional rollercoaster ride within the creative process is a ride worth the sharp turns, because at the end of the journey, your ears are blessed with a sound that warms your heart. You created something from nothing! A thought generated from your head and you translated it musically and then, if you are a writer, you created a story with words. What an amazing opportunity to have. The opportunity to create!! The setup is where the magic can be translated. Get yours!!

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