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Updated: May 6, 2019

Ermias Nipsy Hussle Asghedom

This brother was the truth. He came up right around the corner from where I lived. HE was one of the Slauson Boys who made it out. I know tha area very very well and for him to come out of it, a stand up young man saves the lives of every other youngsta because they now have a living example of the rise up and out. What's even greater is the fact that they saw Nipsy come back to the hood and raise it up as well. That example will live in the hearts of the youth forever. The youth will continue the movement Nipsy started. The Marathon Clothing Store is the flag ship baby created by Nipsy and His brother Black Sam or Samiel Asghedom. Those two are POTENT together and are reflective of how ALL brothers are supposed to be towards each other. The examples these young men have set, DESTROYS the stereotypical narrative given to us by the ones controlling the media and has captivated the world. 24 days after his insane assassination, the city is still in shock and pain over this action. The corner where Nipsy was taken and where The Marathon Clothing Store is located is now officially named after Ermias. Crenshaw and Slauson is now Ermias Asghedom Square. That is all well and good but personally, I am pissed that this brother was taken and it reminds me of too many other young musicians being taken while rising and doing big things for the people. Ermias was 33 years old. He was the leader of a major movement and he was not slowing down. Sam Cooke was 33 years old. He was the leader of a major movement and was not slowing down. He was starting the first all Black music talent agency and record label. He owned his publishing and was creating a publishing company that would enable artists to own their rights. Donny Hathaway was 33 years old. He was known to scientifically baffle the minds with the frequencies he would create on the piano . He was a musical genius. The day he died, he stated that "the white man was trying to kill me, Tumes! (M'Tume). They put these electrodes on my head and try to take my music." So many others. It's a shame that we live in a society where individuals are killed while doing positive things for the people. We are our brothers keeper, so we must protect those who put themselves in positions of danger in the name of love and justice.

We must protect our peeps!!



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