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So Wut chu sayin'??

Muzic is the one form of communication that is universal. It can be understood by all. Its frequency penetrates the soul and motivates one to move. Within the muzic, words can be inserted to tell a story or make an expression of thought. It is there that we hold major responsibility. We must take care of the words we decide to use in the form of public or private expression. Be under the authority of your words. Something I am learning to do more and more each moment. S

Tour life: what's it really like?

I have been on tour with some cool artists in my time. Not as lead, but as background singer and dancer. Tons of fun and lots of work and discipline. I remember performing at the Lincoln Center New York and the night before, we decided to hit the streets until 5am. The late night is the time to enjoy New York. We shook the spot and went to the Bronx and had a ball. So many stories. I got locked out of the hotel room in only a towel for about an hour. That was crazy.

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